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Rachelle Seeff


Rachelle Seeff is a passionate and experienced volunteer with over nine years of experience volunteering at one of Sydney's leading aged care facilities.

Originally from the Western Cape region of South Africa, Rachelle has lived most of her life in Sydney.

Rachelle studied Communications and PR and had a successful career in marketing and hospitality, and is currently midway through a post-graduate qualification in applied psychology. 

Rachelle is passionate about building and maintaining positive connections, and is a strong believer in the importance of community to the health and happiness of individuals.

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Nadia Levin


Nadia Levin is CEO and managing director of Research Australia. She is a champion of transformative change in health driven by health and medical research.  She is engaged with our top leaders in research, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, innovators and all levels of government.

Nadia is at the table influencing and advocating for a strong and globally integrated health and medical research sector.  She is a challenger of traditional thinking and constantly encourages new approaches and ways to fund our best and brightest innovations in health and medical research.

Nadia has previously been in leadership positions at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and the Australian Synchrotron Board. She has a background in journalism and communications. 

Image by Catherine Perez Vega

Tracey Segal


Tracey Segel is a clinical social worker with over 25 years experience. She currently works as a psychotherapist in Sydney with adults in long and short term therapy.

Tracey trained in South Africa where she was born. She was the assistant director of an inner city crisis and counselling centre for almost 10 years where she was involved with the selection, training and supervision of  volunteer counselors, continuing to training counselors throughout her career. Tracey also co-founded the Life Story Project, a biography service which researched and published stories. Tracey has worked with older adults as a biographer, as a social worker in aged care and in her private practice as a therapist.

Tracey believes strongly in the value that volunteers bring to organisations and communities. She is passionate about training volunteers and understands both how they can make a rich contribution to others whilst at the same time benefiting from their work in this capacity.


Sam Bookatz


Sam Bookatz is the managing director of a search and recruitment consulting firm for the legal services industry and a former lawyer, and a passionate advocate for the interests of marginalised groups in society. 

Sam studied English Literature and Law at Sydney University before moving to London to practice corporate law for a number of years at a leading international firm. Upon his return to Sydney he made the switch to recruitment, before establishing his own agency, which works with leading Australian lawyers and law firms.

Sam has been passionate about volunteering and social justice since his teen years and has volunteered for various organisations including ACON, the Museum of Contemporary Art and a community youth organisation which he was involved in as a participant and counsellor for over ten years. He believes that looking after older Australians and ensuring that they remain a valued and integral part of the community is a moral responsibility that rests on the shoulders of all members of our society.  

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